1. Fava Beans                                                                        
Fava beans mezze w/ olive oil and lemon dressing

2. Spicy Pepper Mezze                                                         
Mashed tomatoes, pepper and onions

3. Saksuka                                                                         
Deep fried aubergine w/yoghurt sauce

4. Artichoke                                                                             
Cooked w/ olive oil served w/ fava beans

5. Hummus                                                                       
Chickpea puree served w/ crispy Turkish bacon

 6. Mastave                                                                       
Ottoman cold yoghurt mezze w/spinach

7.  Pinto Beans Pilaki                                                          
Pinto beans cooked w/ olive oil, tomatoe paste and cumin

8. Circassian Chicken                                                              
Poached free range chicken w. Creamy walnut sauce

9. Aubergine Salad with Grape Molasses                            
Charcoal grilled aubergine w/ pine nuts

10. Traditional Dolma                                                          
Traditional Stuffed Vegies

11. Root Spinach                                                                
Served w/garlic yoghurt sauce

12. Homemade Lamb Neck Terrine                                            
 Lamb neck terrine w/ pistachios

13. Mezze Platter (v possible)                                                   
Our mezze variety

14. Antipasto Platter                                                           
Our antipasto variety

15. Antipasto of the season                                                   
Seasonal vegetable dish, served cold w/ extra virgin  olive  oil

16. Smoked Salmon Platter                                                      
Smoked salmon w/fresh green leaves

17. Cheese Platter                                                              
Local cheese variety

18. Green Salad(v)                                                                 
Fresh Green leaves

19. Fresh Seasonal Leaves                                                
carrot, red cabbage W/ vinaigrette dressing

20. Turkish Sheppard’s Salad                                              
Tomatoe, cucumber, fresh mint and onion w. goat cheese

21. Tarhana Soup- Villagers’ Style                                      
Traditional Turkish soup w. curds and flour, served w. feta cheese

22. Oven Baked Tomatoe Soup                                            
Served cold or hot upon request                                               

23.Lentil Soup                                                                   

Hot Starters:
24. Hassa Borek                                                                
Puff pastry stuffed with cheese, green olives and tarragon leaves

25. Traditional Wine Leaf Dolma                                             
served w. yoghurt dressing

26. Stuffed Bulgur Kofte     
deep fried and served w/seasonal leavse

27. Grilled Calamari                                                                   
 From our charcoal grill

28. Prawn Shish                                                                     
From our charcoal grill

Main Courses:
29. Piruhi                                                                                 
Ottoman style fresh pasta w/ tomatoe or yoghurt sauce

30. Vegetable Casserole                                                        
Oven baked w/cheese

31. Palace Style Beef Chunks                                                
Traditional recipe

32. Palace Style Chicken                                                          
Braised chicken w. dried apricots and cinammon

33. Lamb Shanks                                                                    
Lamb shanks  served with palace style pilaf

34. Grilled Lamb Loin                                                               
Medium cooked lamb loin served w/ aubergine   

35. Oven Baked Veal Shanks                                                   
W/ potato puree  

36. Oven Baked Whiting Fish Fillet                                           
cooked in its own stock w/seasonal vegetables

37. Cod Escalope                                                                  
Cod fillet rolled w/spinach and seasonal vegetables

Grill Menu:
38. Chicken Shish                                                                    
W/bulgur rice and seasonal vegetables

39. Chicken Leg Fillet                                                             
W/bulgur rice and seasonal vegetables
40. Grilled Meatballs                                                              
W/bulgur rice and seasonal vegetables
41. Adana Kebap (hot/regular)                                                 
Turkey's most popular kebap

42. Kebap Arcadia                                                                  
Charcoal grilled mix

43. Grilled Beef Entrecote                                                       
W/bulgur rice and seasonal vegetables

44. Beef fillet                                                                          
W/bulgur rice and seasonal vegetables

45. Shish Kebap                                                                     
W/bulgur rice and seasonal vegetables

46. Lambchops                                                                       
W/bulgur rice and seasonal vegetables

47. Fish of the Day please ask for the daily price                                                                                      



48. Turmeric Pudding                                                               
Traditional turmeric puding w. pine nuts and dried fruits

49. Oven Baked Rice Pudding                                                
W/ ice cream   

50. Dark Chocolate Pudding                                                  
From %70 coccoa chocolate

51. Seasonal Fruit Desert                                                      
Oven baked fruit desert of the sesaon

52. Custard                                                                           
W/ fresh fruits and ice cream

53. Homemade Baklava with Sour Cherry                                
W/ice cream

54. Fruit Platter                                                                     
Seasonal fruit variety

55. Profiteroles Stuffed w/ Tahini Ice Cream                             
W/ hot chocolate sauce and fresh fruits

56. Ice Cream 1 scoop
please ask for the daily variety